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Yikes McGee: Songs

Reporting For Duty

(Yikes McGee)

Hey, JfK, what did you mean when you said, "Help is on the way?".

Reporting for Duty


John Kerry

What are you thinking?

What did you mean

When you said

Help is on the way?

I am distraught

Yet determined

And so I wrote a speech I'd like for you to say:


"My fellow Americans

I stand before you

Firm in my convictions

And beliefs

On your behalf

I will not tolerate

Another coup d'etat by these election thieves


Rest assured

I got your back

I promise to protect us from attack

From without

From within

We cannot let them get away with this again


Samuel Adams

And Patrick henry

Don't you think

They'd do the same

If they were here

You can call me

A sore loser

But sticks and stones will break my bones, I don't care


You must remember

I made this promise

I will speak truth to power

Like I said

They've gone too far

We've gotta stop them

Or this experiment in democracy is dead.


Don't despair

I'm on the case

I got lawyers

All over the place

So bring it on

I'll take a stand

Because I told you I'm a fightin' man!"


John Kerry

What are you doing about this

What did you mean

When you said

Help is on the way?

John Kerry

I deplore you

This urgent matter cannot wait another day

Ohio cannot wait another day!